Grade 2 MCL Sprain Rehab Phase 2

Phase 2 usually begins 4 weeks following injury. The aims are to eliminate swelling, full weight bearing on the injured knee, full range of motion, injured leg almost as strong as the good one.


  • Active rest is the aim here. Try to keep to a regular training routine but substitute running and other activities which cause pain with stationary cycle or running in water.
  • Avoid all sideways (lateral movements) or twisting as this will stress the injured ligament.
  • Remove the highed knee brace at this stage. A simple stabilized knee support is more suitable at this stage to apply compression to the knee.

Cold therapy

Continue with cold therapy and compression to eliminate swelling following exercises.


  • If available, your therapist will continue with ultrasound and massage.

Stretching & mobility exercises

  • Range of motion exercises should continue along with isometric quadriceps exercises.

Strengthening exercises

  • Mini squats, lunges, double leg press, hamstring curls, step-ups, bridges, hip abduction, hip extension, and single-leg calf raises can begin or be continued.

Maintaining fitness

  • It may be possible to begin to swim or use a stepper for aerobic fitness.
  • Definitely NO breaststroke if you swim as this will stress the medial ligament.

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