Over pronation of the feet

Over Pronation Explained
Over pronation is where the foot rolls in too much causing injury.

Plantar fascia arch support taping

Foot arch taping
A simple taping technique can relieve pain and help healing.

Cold therapy
Learn everything you need to know about Cold therapy or cryotherapy.


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Symptom Checker

If you are not sure what your injury is then why not try our symptom checker? Simply tick the location and type of pain to narrow down the options.

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Sports injuries

We have over 350 sports injuries explained on site many with more detailed info on treatment,rehabilation and exercises as well as interviews with experts in their field.

Find a clinic

Find a sports injury clinic near you.We have Physiotherapist,Trainers,Chiropractors, Osteopaths and more who specialise in treating sports related injuries.

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Rehabilation exercises

Looking for exercises? We have hundreds of exercises to aid in the rehabilation and prevention of sports injuries.if you need exercises for a specific injury then try that specific injury first.Otherwise we have exercises listed by body part and by type including free weights,core stregthning,pilates,form roler exercises and more.

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Understanding the anatomy of joints is important for understanding your injury.We explain basic anatomy of the joints and muscles.Learn about anatomy of the human body including a human musles,ankle,knee,hip shoulder, and elbow joints

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Expert Interviews

We interview expert surgeons,physiotherapist, Chiropractors and message therapists to explain their personal approch to treatment of many common injuries.

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Treatments & therapies

Learn more about diffrent types of treatment including cold therapy(Cryptographs),heat,electrotherapy,massage,hydrotherapy,alternative therapies and more.

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