Ankle Exercises

Ankle exercises text here. We have split into early, middle and late stage although which exercises are most relevant will depend on your injury.

Most ankle rehabilitation programs will begin after the initial acute phase with simple mobility exercises and / or isometric or static strengthening exercises.

Later as pain allows, elastic rehabilitation band is used for dynamic exercises involving movement. Finally more functional and sports specific exercises such as hopping are included as well as proprioception exercises for balance and co-ordination.

Early stage ankle exercises

The following lower leg and ankle exercises are usually suitable for the early stages of ankle rehabilitation. See ankle sprain exercises for a specific rehabilitation program for ankle sprains. The aim of early stage ankle rehabilitation is to regain mobility and begin to restore strength. All ankle exercises should be done pain free.

Mid stage ankle exercises

As pain allows exercises can begin to include movement. Elastic resistance band is ideal for ankle rehabilitation exercises as it is cheap, portable and versatile. Resistance band which is either light or medium in strength is usually most suitable for ankle rehab. Wobble board exercises which improve the prioprioception or coordination of the ankle should also be done as soon as pain allows. Balance type exercises will not only strengthen the ankle but help avoid re-injury later.

Late stage ankle exercises

Late stage ankle exercises are often overlooked as by now the athlete is likely to be pain free and attempting to return to sport. These exercises begin to be more functional or sports specific and include hopping, bounding and change of direction type exercises. They should be a safe transition between being injured and returning to full sports specific training.