Anterior Compartment Syndrome Taping

This is an excellent for anterior compartment syndrome which can help reduce the pressure on the lower leg.

Anterior shin splints taping

Anterior shin splints tapingThe following guidelines are for information purposes only. We recommend seeking professional advice before attempting any self treatment.

This is an excellent taping for shin splints, periostitis or tibialis posterior strain. It is virtually identical to the shin splints taping technquefor pain on the inside of the shin only the tape goes the opposite way round to support the outside of the shin.

What you will need:

All you will need is 3.5 cm zinc oxide tape, and if you have hairy legs some underwrap and adhesive spray. It is better to apply tape directly to the skin if possible so if you will be taping on a regularbasis then it is recommend you shave your legs otherwise use the underwrap.

Step 1

Starting with the bony bit on the outside of the ankle apply a strip of tape across the front of the ankle, around the back of the achilles tendon (not too tight here) and then diagonally across and up the front.

Step 2

Make sure it is not too tight around the back of the achilles tendon but you might like to try a little pressure as the tape comes up the front. You may need to experiment a few times. Repeat step 1 with another strip of tape slightly overlapping the first.

Step 3

Repeat this once more working from the bottom upwards. Make sure the tape covers the painful area on the inside of the shin. When done correctly this can help support the muscles on the outside of the shin during healing and rehabilitation.

If done correctly this is a very good taping that will take the pressure off the lower shin. Remember that you can rid yourself of shin splints but must also use all other methods of treatment possible.