Bunion Taping

This simple bunion taping technique can help provide relief from the pain and discomfort of a bunion by helping to realign the joint and take the pressure off the bunion.

For information purposes only, we recommend seeking professional advice before attempting any bunion treatment or rehabilitation.

Tape required

  • 2.5cm (1 inch) non stretch zinc oxide sports tape.
  • 3.8cm (1.5 inch) non stretch non stretch zinc oxide sports tape.

Step 1

  • Using the 1.5 inch non stretch tape, apply 2 anchors to the middle of the foot.
  • Spread the toes when securing the anchor to simulate weight bearing so the foot is not constricted when the athlete stands up.
  • Using the 1 inch tape, apply two anchors, one overlapping the other to the big toe.
  • Ensure these are not too tight!

Step 2

  • Pull the big toe outwards (towards us in the image).
  • Apply a strip of 1 inch tape from the toe, down the inside of the foot and secure.

Step 3

  • Repeat this twice more, overlapping each strip.

Step 4

  • Finish off by applying two overlapping one inch strips over the big toe to secure the ends of the supporting strips. If there is not enough support from the supporting strips at this point then they can be detached and re-attached a little tighter.
  • Finally secure the taping by applying two overlapping 1.5 inch strips over the middle of the foot.