Wrist surgery

Do I Need Urgent Wrist Surgery?

Wrist surgery is usually only indicated after conservative (non surgical) treatment has failed. For amateur athletes this is usually the best course of action. However there are some injuries which require surgery sooner rather than later, especially for professional athletes with limited career spans. Wrist surgery is required for some injuries to avoid long term …

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Volar Dorsal wrist pain

Wrist Pain By Location

Here we explain the causes of wrist pain by specific location or region. Below we outline the common terms used for identifying areas of the wrist along with the most common and less common injuries affecting that particular area, as well as important conditions often missed. Dorsal wrist pain This is pain at the back …

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Wrist pain

Wrist Pain

Wrist injuries which occur suddenly are known acute wrist injuries. They are usually caused by a fall onto an outstretched arm or twisting. They include wrist strains, sprains, and fractures. Gradual onset injuries or chronic wrist pain occurs over a period of time, often through overuse. Here we explain the causes, treatment, and rehabilitation of …

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Wrist strapping and taping

Wrist Taping

Wrist taping or strapping is a great way to provide extra support when recovering from injury. Or it is also used to help prevent wrist injuries. Here we explain the principles as well as how to tape the wrist. If you have suffered a wrist injury then seek professional medical attention before attempting any self-treatment. …

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Wrist anatomy

Wrist Anatomy

Wrist anatomy is the study of the bones, ligaments and other structures in the wrist. The wrist joint is a complex joint which connects the forearm to the hand, allowing a wide range of movement. However, it is susceptible to injury, especially from repetitive strain. Bones of the wrist The radius and ulna are the …

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Wrist sprain

Acute Wrist Pain (sudden onset)

Sudden onset injuries or acute injuries include wrist fractures, sprains, strains, and contusions. If a broken bone (fracture) is suspected, then seek medical advice immediately. Wrist sprains & strains A sprained wrist is an injury to any of the ligaments which connect bone to bone in the wrist. Wrist sprains are usually caused by trauma …

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