Adductor Magnus

Adductor Magnus is the largest groin muscle and is one of the two long adductor muscles (gracilis is the other). It is usually described as having two parts, hamstring and adductor parts.



  • Adductor head: Inferior ramus of pubis and ischial ramus.
  • Hamstring head: Ischial tuberosity.


  • Adductor head: Gluteal tuberosity, linea aspera and proximal supracondylar line.
  • Hamstring head: Adductor tubercle of the femur.


  • Adductor head: Adducts, flexes and medially rotates hip.
  • Hamstring head: Extends hip.


  • Adductor head: Obturator nerve.
  • Hamstring head: Sciatic nerve.

Daily uses

  • Bringing your second leg into the car.

Example strengthening exercises

Example stretches