Expert Interview - Chiropractor on SIJ Pain


Chiropractor Dr Maria Madge talks about sacroiliac joint pain.

SI joints sit either side of the spine where the sacrum meets the pelvis.

They can give a lot of localised pain at the front in the groin area and also in the very lower back. People are often amazed by how much pain SI joints can cause - they can be very debilitating and send pain as far down as the foot.

The joints generally will get stiff (although they can also be over mobile), usually from some kind of activity like digging or bending. The joint gets stiff, the muscles get irritated and inflammation occurs. This all results in pain. Because of all of this the area stops working properly and the whole pelvis complex is affected and pain is often then occurs in the other side too.

The area of pain is really low, around the pant line. Pain may also feel higher up if it aggravates the facet joints in the lower back.

A chiropractor can help to increase the range of motion using adjustments and mobilisation techniques. They would also loosen the lower back muscles. This helps to restore normal functioning of the lower back area.

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