Thigh Pain - When should I see a doctor?

Thigh pain - when should I see a doctor?

It is very rare that thigh injuries need to seen by a doctor as most are muscular injuries that will heal given the appropriate treatment and rest. However, there are certain circumstances and conditions in which case it is a good idea to seek medical advice.

However, if you have the following symptoms then you should seek further medical help.

  • Very severe pain in the thigh following a high impact collision such as a high impact collision on a sports field or a Road Traffic Accident. This may indicate a fracture of the femur which is a very serious injury as they tend to be associated with excessive bleeding internally.
  • Severe pain in the thigh after and direct impact e.g. opponents knee to the front of the thigh.  In some rare cases, the resulting bleeding that occurs can be excessive and lead to compartment syndrome which is a very serious condition.
  • Severe pain in the thigh followed by an inability to straighten or bend the knee and a palpable (able to feel) gap in the muscle.  This may be a grade 3 rupture of the muscle and may need surgery if it occurs at either end of the muscle at the junction with the bone.
  • Altered sensation (“pins and needles” feeling or loss of feeling) in the lower leg following a thigh injury.

If you have a more long-term injury or one which recurs then also seek professional advice. Most muscle injuries will benefit from sports massage to increase blood flow and healing to the area as well as make scar tissue more elastic helping to prevent the injury from recurring.