Taping for Blister Prevention

The aim of this taping is to protect the areas of the foot which are prone to blisters. Preventing blisters by far the best cure!

Above is a video demonstration of a taping recommended for a full days walking in boots over hills. For lesser events you may decide to only apply tape where you know it will be required such as at the back of the heel, or around a single toe. Check you are not allergic to zinc oxide tape before applying.


  • A single roll of 2.5cm (1 inch) zinc oxide tape is all that is required.
  • The normal white zinc oxide tape is easily sufficient for most purposes, however for long expeditions in wet conditions I recommend Leukotape P tape 3.8cm. This will stay secure for longer.


  • Apply two or three separate strips of tape across the back of the heel.
  • Do not overlap the tape as this will cause a ridge that might rub, or cause the tape to come away.
  • Do not have any wrinkles or bumps in the tape as these may cause blisters themselves. Make tiny cuts in the tape if needed to allow better fit.


  • As above apply strips of tape along the inside of the foot.
  • Again ensure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.


  • Apply single strips of tape around each toe.
  • Try not to overlap the tape but finish just short of a join.
  • Avoid having the joins in the tape where they might rub, for instance under or between the toes.